Bat For Lashes - Peace Of Mind

Penyanyi : Bat For Lashes
Album : Two Suns (2009)
Judul Lagu : Peace Of Mind

Look at this and look at us
We wonder, oh we're wandering
And I don't like to say we're lost
Try my best with leading us

Build a ladder to the sky
(To the sky)
Sit up there and say "oh my!"
(Say oh my!)
Does looking down make me a Queen
(Make a me a Queen)
With all the sorrow that I've seen
(That I've seen)

If I ever get back down
Find a map that takes me back
Through the wounded, through the wars
To a time that came before

To hover-board into the Sun
And bring back when my time is done
A mother for this childless world
And an arrow of light for every boy and girl

And peace of mind
Peace of mind
Peace of mind...
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