Scissor Sisters - Running Out

Penyanyi : Scissor Sisters
Album : Night Work (2010)
Judul lagu : Running Out

One two three four give me more
Cause I think we're going down
What you need it for?
Pass the wealth around
We're going right back to the borderline
Now you just save yourself
I'm on my own
No use to no one else

Cause I -- every time I think I'm fine
You keep on dreaming up
A hundred different ways
to cause hysteria
Am I insane, am I blind?
I just can't seem to trust
Too many regulations
coming back at ya

We're running out
Of money
Of love
Of luck
We're running out
Of language
Of fame
Of bread
We're running out

Something tells me that I'm fine
But when I get enough
Another one wouldn't be too much
And still I chew it up and spit it out
It's too big to swallow
Got enough for everyone
So here we go

Ohh, let's see how far that we can run
before this gig is over
I hear the warning sign
on everybody's stereo
Do you love, what do you like
What would you do for more?
You kept on dancing underneath the
burning floor

We're running out
Of money
Of each other
Of confidence
We're running out
Of drugs
Of patience
Of air
We're running out
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