Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light

Penyanyi : Scissor Sisters
Album : Night Work (2010)
Judul lagu : Invisible Light

At the doors of Babylon
You are my Zion
A pacing tiger
A keeper's cage
Invisible light
Shoots from your eyes
A sign I can see from my high rise

Another castle crumbles
Another monkey falls
Just open up your joy
And let the sailors climb the walls
I thought I saw you laughing
Ten feet in the air
Doesn't matter if they touch you where
they cut you
Can you give me

An invisible light
To keep me alive
Electric all the tension
I can feel it with the fingers
in my mind

Opiate utopia
Gets hotter by the hour
I found you a flower
In a field
Of my invention
Among the tired
Among the poor
Among the broken
The huddled masses
It's your time

Will you answer to a new name?
It changes all the time
I'll call you anything you want
If I can say it's mine
The story's never-ending
Our footprint's been erased
Well here you are
I kiss a feeling
I see your mouth
Though is it really?

An invisible light
To keep me alive
So kinetic this dimension
Can't you feel it bend
your sense of time

An invisible light
To keep me alive
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