Alicia Keys - Teenage Love Affair

Penyanyi : Alicia Keys
Album : As I Am (2007)
Judul lagu : Teenage Love Affair

[Couplet #1]
Can't wait to get home
Baby dial your number
Can you pick up the phone
Cause I wanna holla
Daydreamin about you all day in school cant concentrate
Wanna have your voice in my ear till mama come and say its too late

[Bridge #1]
Cause the lights are on outside
Wish there was somewhere to hide
Cause I just don't want to say goodbye
Cause you are my baby baby

Nothing really matters
I don't really care what nobody tell me
I'm gonna be here
Its a matter of extreme importance
my first teenage love affair

[Couplet #2]
Another secret meeting
on the 5th floor staircase
i'm gonna give you this letter
of all the things i can't say
want u to be my first my last my ending and beginning
i write your name in my book your last name my first i'm your mrs

[Bridge #1]


[Bridge #2]
hey boy
you know i really like being with you
just hanging out is fine
so maybe we can go to

First base, Because I feel you
Second base, want you to feel me too boy
Third base, betta pump the brakes and baby
slow down i gotta go home now

[Bridge #1]

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