Alicia Keys - Streets Of New York

Penyanyi : Alicia Keys
Album : Unplugged (2005)
Judul lagu : Streets Of New York

It`s like jungle out there,so much struggle out here
And my dreams steal my rest,sleeps the cousin of death
Always feel like a race against father time,in the streets of New York
All I see is street hoes,and bullet holes in my people
Only crime fills the brain,feels like I`m going insane
The revolution has to start,don`t waste no time
In the streets of New York

New York state of mind
New York state of crime
New York big dreams
New York big schemes

Ohhh it`s like the game,just ain`t the same
Baby thugs and girls with no shame,can`t get away epidemic plagues
Every hood in every state,don`t have no reason cause believin`s hard to find
In the streets of New York
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